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Built On Generations

In 1998, under the visionary leadership of Konstantinos Papanagiotou, our company commenced its remarkable journey in the realm of real estate, revolutionalising the approach to property investment in Greece. Our primary goal was never just about acquiring properties; it was about maximizing returns and ensuring sustainable growth. By leveraging financial instruments in a manner that was unconventional at the time, we managed to optimize our investments, strike a balance between risk and reward, and consistently deliver value. Today, our legacy stands as a testament to that innovative spirit and vision. We continue to navigate the complexities of real estate ever driven by the ethos established in those early days.

In 1998, our company ventured into the real estate industry by investing in our first properties on Kifissias Avenue, one of Greece's most prestigious streets.


By 2008, just ten years after our establishment, our portfolio covered over 180,000 sq.m. in Greece and the Balkans.


Diversifying with purpose, we have decisively anchored ourselves in the tourism sector with three island hotel acquisitions.


Led by the next generation, we are committed to strengthening our prominent position in the real estate industry.